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drduh dc29279197
Merge pull request #311 from michael-k/typo 4 months ago
drduh b5c94e1bef
Merge pull request #313 from beardedbotanist/master 4 months ago
beardedbotanist 93ff1d3595
Adding wget as prerequisite on macOS 4 months ago
Michael Käufl 204b9f814f
Fix typo 5 months ago
drduh 4615b5e919
Merge pull request #292 from mpdude/patch-1 5 months ago
drduh 14e951bb01
Merge pull request #294 from DevSecNinja/patch-1 5 months ago
drduh 3f959cfc0d
Merge pull request #308 from okada-h/add-missing-preposition 5 months ago
drduh 6992c9e115
Merge pull request #295 from pedrohdz-scrap/no-puk 5 months ago
drduh 55be657375
Merge pull request #303 from maxromanovsky/patch-1 5 months ago
drduh f9d1571ebc
Merge pull request #310 from dirkjanm/master 5 months ago
Dirk-jan Mollema 1e3e4bccbc
Add notes about KDF compatibility (solves #307) 6 months ago
Hiroki Okada 543d218b68 Add missing preposition ("be able use" -> "be able to use") 7 months ago
Maksim Ramanouski c69fc7badf
Fix for `tr: Illegal byte sequence` on macOS 8 months ago
Pedro H 33993e767c
Fixed broken "Change PUK" link 9 months ago
Jean-Paul van Ravensberg 1a955f88aa
Add small adjustments after renewing my subkeys 10 months ago
Matthias Pigulla 76d32d2cd9
Point out that paperkey backups are password-protected 10 months ago
drduh fe6434577b
Merge pull request #291 from gaffneyd4/improve-recovery-guide 10 months ago
drduh 5823d488f3
Merge pull request #290 from NiklasMerz/mac-m1 10 months ago
drduh 2cbfcfba49
Merge pull request #288 from watermelonpizza/master 10 months ago
drduh 1c1e76623f
Merge pull request #285 from jaeha-choi/master 10 months ago
drduh b621273182
Merge pull request #284 from jsoref/grammar 10 months ago
drduh fcf4f01ff1
Merge pull request #239 from basbebe/temp-folder-prefix-with-date 10 months ago
Derek Gaffney 248e207527
Add TOC entry, fix link 10 months ago
Wheest 77394c2773
Added clearer recovery options 10 months ago
Niklas Merz 6740fa9a10
add pinentry path for M1 macs 11 months ago
Daniel Miller 3418634c66
Use GPT instead of MBR 11 months ago
basbebe ad09f543af
add prefix and date to temporary folder 11 months ago
Jaeha Choi b59107d413
Add note about KDF 12 months ago
Josh Soref a98866a185
Minor grammar fixes 12 months ago
drduh 31074ac13d Stage alternatives section and cleanup grammar 1 year ago
drduh 569231bf2b Note to permasave password to fix #206 1 year ago
drduh 371d4ec77b Mention the yubikey troubleshooting guide for gpg to fix #217 1 year ago
drduh 7bfae57336 Update filenames to fix #222 1 year ago
drduh a02350f318
Merge pull request #276 from pedrohdz-scrap/clarify.pins-take.2 1 year ago
drduh 92e2a5e8ac
Merge pull request #262 from iandstanley/patch-1 1 year ago
drduh 8816d9759f
Merge pull request #264 from iandstanley/master 1 year ago
drduh fce12ceac5
Merge pull request #259 from iandstanley/patch-1 1 year ago
drduh a12a01c1bc
Merge pull request #268 from reissmann/patch-1 1 year ago
Pedro H 1a83925dda
Expanded on GPG PIN config 1 year ago
Andrew Martinez 87f48f547b
clarify pins, drduh/YubiKey-Guide#248 1 year ago
Sven Reissmann 23caa2c36b
Update nixos LiveCD example 1 year ago
Ian Stanley 15bb00b428
added mention of ssh key support for blue security keys 1 year ago
Ian Stanley f6818480a5
added to section multiple Yubikeys section re: switching between Yubikeys 1 year ago
drduh 20dd0687cd
Merge pull request #247 from jamesob/jamesob-21-03-pass-trouble 1 year ago
drduh 21c0e03cd0
Merge pull request #246 from whiskeysierra/patch-1 1 year ago
drduh 6490586595
Merge pull request #232 from captn3m0/warning 1 year ago
drduh 1566801177
Merge pull request #231 from captn3m0/change-puk 1 year ago
drduh fbe33ccccd
Merge pull request #258 from vorburger/patch-6 1 year ago
Ian Stanley ffb29e7f01
Script to switch between two Yubikeys with identical keys 1 year ago
Michael Vorburger ⛑️ 49bfbf81ed
Add hint re. (new) `ssh-keygen -t ed25519-sk` 1 year ago