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Please report suspected security vulnerabilities in private to [](, also see [the disclosure section on the website]( Please do NOT create publicly viewable issues for suspected security vulnerabilities.
## Issue Labels
### Priority
Label | Meaning (SLA)
P1 Urgent | The current release + potentially immediate hotfix (30 days)
P2 High | The next release (60 days)
P3 Medium | Within the next 3 releases (90 days)
P4 Low | Anything outside the next 3 releases (120 days)
#### Severity
Label | Impact
S1 Blocker | Outage, broken feature with no workaround
S2 Critical | Broken feature, workaround too complex & unacceptable
S3 Major | Broken feature, workaround acceptable
S4 Low | Functionality inconvenience or cosmetic issue
## CI
The complete test suite is running on a public [GitLab CI]( If you are an external contributor, we also have a [Travis instance]( where a small subset of tests is running as well - mostly style and easy fast checks, which are quite common to fail for new contributors.
## Documentation
See the `docs` folder or visit [](