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Trezor Firmware


Repository Structure

  • ci: Gitlab CI configuration files
  • common/defs: JSON coin definitions and support tables
  • common/protob: Common protobuf definitions for the Trezor protocol
  • common/tools: Tools for managing coin definitions and related data
  • core: Trezor Core, firmware implementation for Trezor T
  • crypto: Stand-alone cryptography library used by both Trezor Core and the Trezor One firmware
  • docs: Assorted documentation
  • legacy: Trezor One firmware implementation
  • python: Python client library and the trezorctl command
  • storage: NORCOW storage implementation used by both Trezor Core and the Trezor One firmware
  • tests: Firmware unit test suite
  • tools: Miscellaneous build and helper scripts
  • vendor: Submodules for external dependencies



Using Conventional Commits is strongly recommended and might be enforced in future.

Also please have a look at the docs, either in the docs folder or at before contributing. The misc chapter should be read in particular because it contains some useful assorted knowledge.

Security vulnerability disclosure

Please report suspected security vulnerabilities in private to, also see the disclosure section on the website. Please do NOT create publicly viewable issues for suspected security vulnerabilities.


See the docs folder or visit