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Compiling hashcat with Cygwin.

Tested on a Windows 10 20H2 x64 machine.


Go to , get the setup-x86_64 file and follow the instructions on the website.

Make sure to install additional dependencies necessary for hashcat compilation by selecting the following packages during cygwin installation



Once all that is done, open the cygwin bash (cygwin\cygwin.bat) and type the following command to copy the latest master revision of hashcat repository into cygwin\home\username\hashcat

$ git clone

Switch to the newly created folder by running

$ cd hashcat

Now type "make" to start compiling hashcat

$ make

The process may take a while, please be patient. Once it's finished, run hashcat by typing "./hashcat.exe"

$ ./hashcat.exe


While hashcat will run fine from cygwin bash, running it from a windows shell will require cygwin1.dll and cygiconv-2.dll to be in the same folder with hashcat.exe (the files can be found in cygwin\bin folder).