Run Mozilla Firefox browser in a Docker container
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Firefox in Docker

Launching the Firefox

You can use the following shortcut function and place it to your ~/.bash_aliases file

alias docker="sudo -E docker"
alias docker-compose="sudo -E docker-compose"

function docker_helper() { { pushd ~/docker/$1; docker-compose rm -fa "$1"; docker-compose run -d --name "$1" "$@"; popd; } }
function firefox() { { docker_helper $FUNCNAME $@; } }



Following are some useful commands which you can use for testing the audio

docker-compose run --rm --entrypoint /bin/bash firefox
apt-get update && apt-get install -y alsa-utils
aplay -L
pactl list
cat /dev/urandom | aplay -
arecord -D pulse -f cd | aplay -D pulse -B 10000 -

WebRTC online test for Microphone, Camera, Network, Connectivity and Throughput


Go to about:support in the Firefox to see whether everything is OK or not.

Codecs and the HW acceleration

You may want to disable Google's VP8 & VP9 video codecs: "MSE & WebM VP9" and "WebM VP8" as there is no hardware decoding for them. To do this, install h264ify extension from

Check the codecs

Be careful playing with the following settings!



Enabling GSSAPI Kerberos SSO




Here is the list of Firefox's extensions I am using