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This is a very basic example of how one can build the foreman from sources and make a container out of it. The mariadb container is not even used in this example, but you can use it on your own.

Running the Foreman

cd foreman/
docker-compose run -d

Foreman credentials

You can get the foreman "Login credentials" when the container foreman-data is running seeds on built. It will look like this

Login credentials: admin / PassWoRd

Connecting to the Foreman Web

Get the IP of the nginx-passenger container

docker exec -ti foreman_nginx-passenger_1 ip a

Add the following line to your /etc/hosts file foreman-web

In my case the nginx-passenger's IP was

After that run your favorite browser and access the http://foreman-web :-)

Working inside the container

docker exec -ti foreman_foreman-data_1 /bin/sh
$ cd /src/foreman
/src/foreman $ bundle exec rake -T

After you have changed something, don't forget to kill -HUP in the foreman_nginx-passenger_1 container.


Logs stored at the /src/foreman/log/production.log