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Clair Roadmap

This document defines a high level roadmap for Clair development.

The dates below should not be considered authoritative, but rather indicative of the projected timeline of the project. The milestones defined in GitHub represent the most up-to-date and issue-for-issue plans.

The roadmap below outlines new features that will be added to Clair, and while subject to change, define what future stable will look like.

  • Support multiple namespaces per image
    • This enables language-level package managers (e.g. npm, pip) in the future
  • Take advantage of OCI/Docker content-addressiblity to avoid duplicated work
    • This simplifies the amount of work required for an offline clair in the future
  • Support mappings between source packages and binary packages
  • Versioned detectors that are present in API results
    • This will enable clients to determine when images need to be reindexed
  • gRPC API that works on sets of layers rather than individual layers
  • Structured logging in JSON
  • Improve coverage and readability of documentation