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Launching Chromium in Docker

The simplest way:

git clone
cd chromium
docker-compose run chromium

If it does not start, you may need to allow your user making local connections to X server, which can be achieved with this command on host:

xhost +SI:localuser:$(id -un)

You can use the following shortcut function and place it to your ~/.bash_aliases file:

function docker_helper() {
    pushd ~/docker/$1
    docker-compose rm -f "$1"
    docker-compose run -d --name "$1" "$@"

function chromium() {
    docker_helper "$FUNCNAME" "$@"

Then just use chromium command to launch Chromium.

Rebuilding the image

You may want to rebuild this image on your own:

docker pull ubuntu:xenial
docker build -t andrey01/chromium .

Extra Notes

Good, stable vsync and HW acceleration

Enable "Override software rendering list"



To see whether you have the best result, you should have stable 60 FPS at following tests

You may want to disable Google's VP8 & VP9 video codecs: "MSE & WebM VP9" and "WebM VP8" as there is no hardware decoding for them. To do this, install h264ify extension from

Check the codecs