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# docker build -t my/zeronet .
# docker run -d --name zeronet -v ~/.zeronetdata:/data -p 43110:43110 my/zeronet
FROM alpine:3.7
MAINTAINER Andrey Arapov <>
RUN apk update \
&& apk add py-gevent py-msgpack ca-certificates python
# Optionally you may want to enable Tor in order to anonymize the traffic
RUN apk add tor
RUN echo -e "ControlPort 9051\nSocksListenAddress" > /etc/tor/torrc
# RUN echo -e "ControlPort 9051" > /etc/tor/torrc
# RUN echo -e "ControlPort 9051\nCookieAuthentication 1" > /etc/tor/torrc
# RUN adduser $USER tor
ENV USER=zeronet \
UID=1000 \
HOME=/home/zeronet \
PROJECT_VER=v0.6.2 \
PROJECT=ZeroNet-0.6.2 \
RUN adduser -D -u $UID -h $HOME -s /bin/true $USER
RUN wget -O data.tar.gz -q${PROJECT_VER}.tar.gz \
&& tar xpzf data.tar.gz \
&& rm -f data.tar.gz \
&& cd $PROJECT \
&& mkdir log \
&& touch log/error.log \
&& ln -sv $DATA ./data
# the launch script needs to chown the /data in case when $UID does not match
# the UID of the host
USER root
COPY launch ./$PROJECT/
CMD ./$PROJECT/launch