Andy 7 years ago
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commit c1546e7616
Signed by: arno
GPG Key ID: 368DDA2E9A471EAC

@ -145,6 +145,8 @@ docker-compose up -d taiga
Now you can access Taiga with your favorite Web Browser.
Default user **admin** with password **123123** will be created on the first
run. **Please do not forget to change the password.**
I recommend to run nginx reverse proxy in front of this container, so that
you could use TLS.

@ -57,13 +57,9 @@ deactivate'
touch /tmp/taiga.firstrun
# (Optional) Create a new user admin with password 123123 and
# fill Taiga with the Sample data
# (Optional) Fill Taiga with the Sample data
# su -s /bin/sh $USER -c '. $DATA/venvtaiga/bin/activate
# cd $DATA/taiga-back
# python manage.py loaddata initial_user
# python manage.py loaddata initial_project_templates
# python manage.py loaddata initial_role
# python manage.py sample_data
# deactivate'