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The multi-platform, network-wide ad blocker

Block ads for all your devices without the need to install client-side software. The Pi-hole blocks ads at the DNS-level, so all your devices are protected.

  • Web Browsers
  • Cell Phones
  • Smart TV's
  • Internet-connected home automation
  • Anything that communicates with the Internet

Your Support Still Matters

Digital Ocean helps with our infrastructure, but our developers are all volunteers so your donations help keep us innovating. Sending a donation using our links below helps us offset a portion of our monthly costs.

One-Step Automated Install

  1. Install a supported operating system
  2. Run the command below (it downloads this script in case you want to read over it first!)

curl -sSL | bash

Alternative Semi-Automated Install Methods

If you wish to read over the script before running it, run nano to open the file in a text viewer.

Clone our repository and run the automated installer from your device.
git clone --depth 1 Pi-hole
cd Pi-hole/automated\ install/
wget -O

Once installed, configure your router to have DHCP clients use the Pi as their DNS server and then any device that connects to your network will have ads blocked without any further configuration. Alternatively, you can manually set each device to use Pi-hole as their DNS server.

What is Pi-hole and how do I install it?

Get Help Or Connect With Us On The Web

Technical Details

The Pi-hole is an advertising-aware DNS/Web server. If an ad domain is queried, a small Web page or GIF is delivered in place of the advertisement.


The does most of the magic. The script pulls in ad domains from many sources and compiles them into a single list of over 1.6 million entries (if you decide to use the mahakala list). This script is controlled by the pihole command. Please run pihole -h to see what commands can be run via pihole.

Other Operating Systems

The automated install is only for a clean install of a Debian family or Fedora based system, such as the Raspberry Pi. However, this script will work for most UNIX-like systems, some with some slight modifications that we can help you work through. If you can install dnsmasq and a Webserver, it should work OK. If there are other platforms you'd like supported, let us know.

Web Interface

The Web interface will be installed automatically so you can view stats and change settings. You can find it at:

http://192.168.1.x/admin/index.php or http://pi.hole/admin

Pi-hole Advanced Stats Dashboard

Whitelist and blacklist

Domains can be whitelisted and blacklisted using either the web interface or the command line. See the wiki page for more details


The settings page lets you control and configure your Pi-hole. You can do things like:

  • enable Pi-hole's built-in DHCP server
  • exclude domains from the graphs
  • configure upstream DNS servers
  • and more!

Settings page

Built-in DHCP Server

Pi-hole ships with a built-in DHCP server. This allows you to let your network devices use Pi-hole as their DNS server if your router does not let you adjust the DHCP options.


A basic read-only API can be accessed at /admin/api.php. It returns the following JSON:

    "domains_being_blocked": "136708",
    "dns_queries_today": "18108",
    "ads_blocked_today": "14648",
    "ads_percentage_today": "80.89"

The same output can be achieved on the CLI by running -j

Real-time Statistics

You can view real-time stats via ssh or on an 2.8" LCD screen. This is accomplished via Pi-hole LCD

Pi-hole Projects