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Adam Warner edba325a3e
Disable line length rule for yamllint - fix indentation in stale.yml
2 years ago
Christian König b70b895fc5
Add mkdown and yaml linters to stickler
2 years ago
Adam Warner 809e4bdb1d
Set max line length for flake8 to be an (arbitary) 120 chars
4 years ago
XhmikosR 5094fab491
Remove csslint from Strickler CI
4 years ago
Adam Warner 18b24535fe
Lets try the correct name for csslint
6 years ago
Adam Warner 20e0bca71d
add some more linters to stickler
6 years ago
Dan Schaper 8c0faa0b9a
Create .stickler.yml
7 years ago