Ensure that /run/lighttpd exists and is owned by lighttpd user. It is likely that new installs will fail currently

Signed-off-by: Adam Warner <me@adamwarner.co.uk>
Adam Warner 1 year ago
parent 671da760d3
commit 68a03cc877
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@ -1403,12 +1403,16 @@ installConfigs() {
# set permissions on /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf so pihole user (other) can read the file
chmod o+x /etc/lighttpd
chmod o+r "${lighttpdConfig}"
# Ensure /run/lighttpd exists and is owned by lighttpd user
# Needed for the php socket
mkdir -p /run/lighttpd
chown ${LIGHTTPD_USER}:${LIGHTTPD_GROUP} /run/lighttpd
if grep -q -F "FILE AUTOMATICALLY OVERWRITTEN BY PI-HOLE" "${lighttpdConfig}"; then
# Attempt to preserve backwards compatibility with older versions
install -D -m 644 -T ${PI_HOLE_LOCAL_REPO}/advanced/${LIGHTTPD_CFG} "${lighttpdConfig}"
# Make the directories if they do not exist and set the owners
mkdir -p /run/lighttpd
chown ${LIGHTTPD_USER}:${LIGHTTPD_GROUP} /run/lighttpd
mkdir -p /var/cache/lighttpd/compress
chown ${LIGHTTPD_USER}:${LIGHTTPD_GROUP} /var/cache/lighttpd/compress
mkdir -p /var/cache/lighttpd/uploads