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The Nym Privacy Platform

The platform is composed of multiple Rust crates. Top-level executable binary crates include:

  • nym-mixnode - shuffles Sphinx packets together to provide privacy against network-level attackers.
  • nym-client - an executable which you can build into your own applications. Use it for interacting with Nym nodes.
  • nym-socks5-client - a Socks5 proxy you can run on your machine and use with existing applications.
  • nym-gateway - acts sort of like a mailbox for mixnet messages, which removes the need for direct delivery to potentially offline or firewalled devices.
  • nym-network-monitor - sends packets through the full system to check that they are working as expected, and stores node uptime histories as the basis of a rewards system ("mixmining" or "proof-of-mixing").
  • nym-explorer - a (projected) block explorer and (existing) mixnet viewer.
  • nym-wallet - a desktop wallet implemented using the Tauri framework.

License Build Status


Platform build instructions are available on our docs site. Wallet build instructions are also available on our docs site.


There's a .env.sample-dev file provided which you can rename to .env if you want convenient logging, backtrace, or other environment variables pre-set. The .env file is ignored so you don't need to worry about checking it in.

For Typescript components, please see ts-packages.

Developer chat

You can chat to us in Keybase. Download their chat app, then click Teams -> Join a team. Type nymtech.friends into the team name and hit continue. For general chat, hang out in the #general channel. Our development takes places in the #dev channel. Node operators should be in the #node-operators channel.


Node, node operator and delegator rewards are determined according to the principles laid out in the section 6 of Nym Whitepaper. Below is a TLDR of the variables and formulas involved in calculating the epoch rewards. Initial reward pool is set to 250 million Nym, making the circulating supply 750 million Nym.

Symbol Definition
global share of rewards available, starts at 2% of the reward pool.
node reward for mixnode i.
ratio of total node stake (node bond + all delegations) to the token circulating supply.
ratio of stake operator has pledged to their node to the token circulating supply.
fraction of total effort undertaken by node i, set to 1/k.
number of nodes stakeholders are incentivised to create, set by the validators, a matter of governance. Currently determined by the reward set size, and set to 720 in testnet Sandbox.
Sybil attack resistance parameter - the higher this parameter is set the stronger the reduction in competitivness gets for a Sybil attacker.
declared profit margin of operator i, defaults to 10% in.
uptime of node i, scaled to 0 - 1, for the rewarding epoch
cost of operating node i for the duration of the rewarding epoch, set to 40 NYMT.

Node reward for node i is determined as:



Operator of node i is credited with the following amount:

Delegate with stake s recieves:

where s' is stake s scaled over total token circulating supply.

This program is available as open source under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. However, some elements are being licensed under CC0-1.0 and MIT. For accurate information, please check individual files.