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Compiling hashcat with msys2.

Tested on a Windows 10 20H2 x64 machine.


Go to and follow the instructions on the main page (steps 1 to 7).

Install additional dependencies required to compile hashcat by running the following commands

$ pacman -S git
$ pacman -S make
$ pacman -S gcc
$ pacman -S libiconv-devel


Once all that is done, type the following command to copy the latest master revision of hashcat repository into msys64\home\username\hashcat

$ git clone

Switch to the newly created folder by running

$ cd hashcat

Now type "make" to start compiling hashcat

$ make

The process may take a while, please be patient. Once it's finished, run hashcat by typing "./hashcat.exe"

$ ./hashcat.exe


While hashcat will run fine from msys shell, running it from a windows shell will require msys-iconv-2.dll and msys-2.0.dll to be in the same folder with hashcat.exe (the files can be found in msys64\usr\bin).