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- Move template flavors into own directories so scripts_dir wont be polluted
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# - Make flavor directory have $DIST in name - to prevent it from bwing built
# incorrectly
# - Configuration option to choose alternate location of flavor directory
# - Configuration option to use custom $DIST- prefix (for generic flavors)
# - Take into consideration that multiple templates will build at once so we
# need to set a custom prefix like this:
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# - Would use the prefix of 'debian' which would allow same script to be used for
# all 'debian' based builds, or it could have been set as
# 'wheezy+whonix-gateway;' to use a script destined for any distro
TEMPLATE_FLAVOR_PREFIX = wheezy+whonix-gateway;debian \
# Alternate location for template flavor scripts
TEMPLATE_FLAVOR_DIR = wheezy+whonix-gateway;/home/user/whonix/gateway \
- allow access to multiple flavor options .. say gnome for whonix-workstation
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# - TEMPLATE_OPTIONS will be iterated and each entry treated as if it was its
# own flavor, but to override you must include base flavor name:
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Would use same FLAVOR for all distros for whonix-workstation+gnome
TEMPLATE_FLAVOR_PREFIX = wheezy+whonix-workstation+gnome;
# - Template Flavors are in /home/user/whoix/gnome for wheezy+whonix-workstation+gnome
# - DISTS_VM is still lists all OPTIONAL flavors though
TEMPLATE_FLAVOR_DIR = wheezy+whonix-workstation+gnome;/home/usr/whonix/gnome