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The Template Builder
(applies also to the netvm builder)
1) get a clean image of a Linux install (e.g. by using virt-install) NOTE: We
assume that the image will have a two-partition layout:
img1 <--- the root fs (/)
img2 <--- the swap
2) update symlinks in rpms_to_install so that they point to the current version
of rpms to install
3) Now, you can "qubeize" the image. This must be done as root. E.g.:
# ./qubeize_image clean_images/some_image.img f12-x64-compact
4) Make sure the symlinks in vm_kernels point to correct kernel and initramfs
4a) In order to prepare a patched initramfs file, use the program that is installed as part of
# /usr/lib/qubes/ \
<original_initrafms> \
<filename_for_patched_initramfs> \
4b) Manually adjust the appmenus
5) Finally, build the Template RPM (do it as normal user, not root), e.g.:
$./build_rpm <name>
The resulting rpm is stored in rpm/noarch directory.